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Are you ready for 2024 Colorado Camp? 

We'd love to have you join us at Colorado Camp this summer! Camp will take place at the end of July 21-27. Registration will open March 1st!

We are now located north of Colorado Springs in Larkspur. Check out the campground website here:

Camp is for kids ages 9-18 (including high school seniors).

Camp is a great atmosphere of adventure, friendship, archery, nature hikes, games, team-building, singing, and most importantly, growing closer to God.

Members of the Hutchinson Bell will have priority in registration.

(to pay your membership dues, click here) 

What if I Need Help Paying for Camp?

You can apply for the Joel Sloan Camp Fund scholarship. This fund is in honor of a gentleman who spent his life helping young people at the North Carolina Florida College Camp. To apply for this scholarship, click here. 


Encourage your camper to get creative raising and saving money for camp (i.e., bake sale, garage sale, odd jobs, babysitting, etc...)

If you need more information regarding financial assistance, please email the Higgins at:


What to bring...

  • Statement of Accountability if not already mailed.

  • Bring your own bedding! Ponderosa does not supply bedding.

  • Sleeping bag and pillow

  • Refillable water bottle 

  • Rain jacket or plastic poncho

  • Light jacket or sweatshirt

  • Bible – no electronic versions, please (If you don't have one, we'll loan you one!)

  • One set of clothes for getting really wet (dark shirt and pants no shorter than the knees)

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.

  • Bath towel and wash cloth (You may wish to bring a bathrobe)

  • Day pack or small backpack

  • Sunscreen

  • Talent for Talent Show 

  • A Super Spirit for Adventure and Fun!

  • Costume for the Friday Night Banquet based on the theme 

  • Do NOT bring gum, radios, stereos, snacks that contain nuts, or video games, etc.

optional items:

  • cash for the snack bar  ($15-20) (open 2x/day- campers are responsible for their own funds or can ask a counselor for help. 

  • Flashlight and/or headlamp

  • Pen or pencil and notebook

  • Apparel Note: In late July and early August the weather here is generally pleasant.However, it can rain, it can be 90º+ (low humidity) in the day and in the 40's at night.Proper apparel would be layers and a jacket or sweatshirt.

Donations/Camp Grant Fund

Please help a young person come to Camp! Every year we have a number of children whose parents cannot afford to pay the full camp fee. You can help them to have one of the best weeks of their young lives. A week at camp costs ___, but any amount will be appreciated. All donations are tax deductible. Please contact us at to mail a check or Donate online to use a credit card or PayPal account.

Campground information

The camp is held at the facilities of 

Ponderosa Camp Ground

15235 Furrow Road

Larkspur, CO 80118


The Camp facility phone number is

(719) 481-2482


Q: How do I register for camp?

Camp Registration for the 2024 Colorado Camp will open on March 1st, 2024. All camp registration now takes place online. Click on the link above to register.  No registrations will be accepted after July 21st.


Q: How much does camp cost?

TBD (includes camp fee, camp t-shirt, and camp photo)


Q: How old do I have to be to go to camp?

Ages 9-18 are qualified. Also if you are a graduating high school senior in 2024 you qualify.


Q: Who gets in to camp first?

*Camp registration opens up March 1st- members of the Hutchinson Bell will get priority in camp options/ activities and will secure their place at camp.

All forms and fees have a deadline of June 16th. Thereafter, a $25.00 late registration fee applies. It’s best to register NOW in order to ensure your place at camp.

Q: What if I don’t have a ride to camp?

Transportation is the responsibility of the camper's family. Carpools are a fun way to get to camp. Please arrange this well in advance of camp. 

Worship Services

Visitors are welcome to attend services at nearby congregations in Colorado Springs. See the links below for more information on each of the congregations. These congregations are not affiliated with the camp.

What do I bring to camp?

In order to have the best week of the year, be sure to follow the packing list so you know exactly what and what not to bring.


Be sure to label all luggage with your name and address.

Please limit yourself to no more than 1 bag. There is so little room in the cabins. Under bunk clearance is 12 inches. Large trunks do not work. Duffle bags work best.

When using garbage bags for dirty clothes, label the outside so it will not be mistaken for trash!!!

Bed items

Bedroll, sleeping bag, or twin bed linens; blanket and pillow


Towels and wash cloths


Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, shampoo, deodorant (please), etc.

Sunscreen and a hat

Especially for those who burn easily. We will be in the sun a lot.

Paper Bible

Cell phones are not used (see below).

Softball glove (optional)

For those who are going to play.

Sunday Sack Supper

No Sunday evening meal will be served. However, drinks will be sold.

$30 spending money

Optional, much less is fine. This should be enough for all Snack Shack and Gift Gallery purchases. For younger Campers – Break up spending money into small amounts. Put it in the packed socks so you will have some each day. Only bring the amount of cash you are willing to lose.

Dirty clothes bag

Be sure to put your name or initials on it.


Only modest ones, please. You can bring a cover-up robe for going to and from the pool, or you can change at the pool.


Please only modest necklines and arm holes. No one is allowed to wear tank tops, muscle shirts, midriff shirts or very tight fitting clothing.

Two pairs of long pants or jeans

This is in case your shorts do not come to the kneecap.

Walking Shorts & Long Pants

You are permitted to wear loose fitting walking shorts, pants, or skirts which come to the kneecap. We ask your cooperation in this matter so that camp can be as harmonious as possible. If you feel that you cannot enjoy camp while abiding by these rules, please allow your spot to be taken by someone who is on our waiting list. We do not consider our rules as the standard for absolute right or wrong, but only as a collective judgment as to how a large number of young people can live in harmony for one week. We lovingly solicit your kind cooperation.



Shoes must be always worn when outside on the campground Athletic-type shoes should be worn for sports activities.

Rain Gear

Extra pair of shoes and rain poncho

What NOT to bring

Cell phones and internet connecting devices should be left at home. We want your full involvement in what is happening at Camp. If you bring a cell phone or internet connecting device, it will be stored and then returned to campers on Saturday AM. If your parents want you to have a cell phone for travel security, on arrival at Camp, please call your parents before Sunday evening worship assembly. After the assembly, a cell phone and internet free zone will be observed. This is a must! It will be enforced!

Radios, stereos, recorders, walkie-talkies, electronic games should be left at home. We will be making our own music and playing together. The only exception to this rule is for equipment brought to be used in the Talent Show.

Jewelry, expensive watches, rings, large amount of cash or other valuables should not be brought. The rooms will not be locked.

Water Guns, Shaving Cream, Rubber Bands etc. – No Water Fights Will Be Allowed. All equipment brought for these purposes will be taken up and held.

High Energy Drinks – These can be dangerous. There will be tasty and nutritious food in the cafeteria.

No weapons of any kind – This includes pocket knives.

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